• Get more organic search traffic from Google, without having to fight for better rankings
  • Show your product details directly in the search results to increase the conversion rate from search customers
  • Never worry about microdata or Rich Snippet SEO markup again - we automatically keep your store up to date with changing best practices using JSON-LD and Schema.org

Never worry about SEO markup or rich snippets again! One click allows search engines and others to understand your store and products.

Didn't work with our currently installed theme file for our store. It did install some coding on the backend but wasn't a complete plug and play like we were hoping. Still have to hire a coder to finish the project. Just wish we would have known it may not work 100% upfront.

Have had this installed for well over a year now, and has provided the rich snippet set up I needed in one hit. The support from Eric has been second to none... having upgraded to the premium package you get personalised help direct from the development team... even after all this time, Eric is still able to help answer my concerns and provide great advice to improve my on site SEO set up. Do not delay, get this app today!

Works great ! good customer service

This app only gets better with time. Eric not only continues to exceed our exceptions but has become a trusted partner who keeps us informed and makes Theme adjustments as the tides change in the world of SEO. He is also on point and accessible if we have questions or need technical assistance. Keep up the great work!

This app is awesome but the support and info are even better. Opt in for the daily email and you will get tons of information everyday in your email. You cant go wrong with this at all unless you hate great info and improving your data structure on your site. This is a no brainer, especially at a one and done price! Started seeing rich snippets just as advertised and emails are always answered quickly.

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Price: $ 69

The JSON-LD for SEO Basic plan is $69, one-time. With it you get everything described here and are on your way to getting Rich Snippets.

The JSON-LD for SEO Plus+ plan is $299, one-time. It adds personal monitoring of your Rich Snippet process to ensure you have the best chance possible to get Rich Snippets, a money back guarantee if you don't get them in the first 6 months, and Shopify SEO: Simplified, a 3-hour audio training course that goes over everything you need to know about Shopify, SEO, and getting traffic to your store.

Unlike most apps, I only charge you a one-time, up-front fee - exactly as if you were hiring a developer to implement JSON-LD (but at a fraction of the cost)

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