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  • Great opportunity to boost sales with the aid of Kit as a marketing employee;
  • Managing Facebook and Instagram ads, which includes retargeting ads;
  • Recommended by Shopify users; marketing partnership with Facebook.

The Kit Shopify App is a free marketing adviser, which helps users to administer a budget for advertising. This app works toward increasing the efficiency of an online store. You can see it in action for yourself!

Kit is a great helper for sharing and creating Facebook ads. I also very much praise the support team! Any question or request is resolved IMMEDIATELY! Thanks.

Support team are fantastic, on hand whenever I need them and the explain thi gs in depth. The app itself is also wonderful, makes it so easy to run ads

Great customer Service!! Truly appreciate the time Enda took to help me figure out an issue I was having. He had great patience with me since this is all new to me and he helped ease my mind. The issue was with Facebook and the account id set up within Facebook and he walked me through the process. I cannot thank him enough for putting my mind at ease and helping me get back up and running.

I did not get more sale yet but it is me delaying the tactics of Kit not Applying what she said, but did get some sale when I follow here, first I was skeptical. Kit is so amazing, she is getting information that Is impossible for Human to get If you watch STAR TRACK MOVIE WITH Aliens helping Humans on the ship, that is KIT Invisible SMART Assistance, just give a try to hiere Kit, you will be surprize for improvement that of you website goals. Manager for

Great app found it very usual and beneficial

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