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One-Click Checkout

  • Allow the shoppers to skip the “Cart” and move on right to the checkout
  • Increase your sales significantly by making the entire checkout process much easier and faster
  • The plugin has a totally customizable design, text and more

The One-Click Checkout Shopify App is a convenient tool which will send your customers straight to checkout after they click Add to Cart. Download it now and boost your sales!

Esse aplicativo realmente ajuda a aumentar nossas vendas

Worked great for us! Helped turn visitors into customers!

Doesn't work at all ... Not even one feature, tweaking every settings possible nothing works

Very nice to use. Highly recommend.

This is a great app that increases conversion rate, is easy to use and is backed up by great support. There is no reason not to install it on a site!

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Price: Free - $ 15.95 / month
Free trial: 14 d.

Just for $15.95/mo you will get:
✔️ Skip the “Cart” and send users to “Checkout” after they click “Add to cart” button
✔️ Customizable popup with ”Continue shopping”, “Checkout” or “Go to Cart” buttons
✔️ Change the amount and delete the products right in the popup
✔️ Fully customizable App
✔️ 100% mobile friendly App
✔️ 24/7 Absolutely free and fast support
✔️ Compatible with any theme

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