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Personalizer - AI Recommendations by LimeSpot

  • Personalizer is rated as the first product recommendation app on Shopify
  • Smart targeted recommendations to expand your customer’s shopping cart and earn more revenues
  • The app can be used for free until your revenue grows more than 5 times the cost of the monthly subscription fee

Increase your revenue and conversion rates with Personalizer Shopify app. Start with a free trial!

I was quite confused by the mechanics of the app at first, but your support people were very helpful, and their responses were timely. After you guided me through a few things and sending me relevant articles, I now understand much better. In fact I was able to set it up pretty much the way I wanted. You even listened to a suggestion I had for offering discounts right from the upsell items on the cart page. You said you were actually working on that, so bravo!

Honest Review. These guys are solid. And the help-team provides fast on hand support to customizing your page the way you need it. For a free App, there is none other around like it, that gets the job done as they do. Would be 5 star if the recommended boxes had like a free sandbox mode to just put anywhere. However I could understand that is two stones from a miracle coding wise, so i'll suffice. Highly Recommended.

Incrediblely fast support! I was request to modify app's Ui to match my store's theme and Federick reply & done it in 2 hours!

Great CS Erik was amazing thank you :)

Great App! It does exactly what it promises. Would give it a 5 star rating if GUI was improved, however this doesn't impact it's performance.

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✔ Real-time Dashboard including
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   ✔ Purchase/Product View CTR
   ✔ Revenue per Visitor
   ✔ Product View per Visitor
   ✔ and many more ...

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