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Photo Resize by Pixc

  • Automatically resizes and replaces all your product photos to square, giving your store a professional look.
  • 1-click install. Completely automatic.
  • First 150 images FREE

Automatically resize all your product photos so they appear uniform in your Shopify store, giving it a professional look.

The results that it gives is awesome. The size of images that makes the site ugly, is now solved. I loved it... Highly recommend

great job developing this app, a fantastic tool... until last night I was lost thinking how would I do that... thank you very much

Very useful and easy to use, I highly recommed this app, in 5 minutes u wil have the whole store resized.

I used this app to make product images across the site even, to give customers a better experience. I would love if you could also make square collection images, or other images across the site, by picking and choosing which area to edit photos in. That would be great. Otherwise, very happy with the result.

This used to be such a great app, but sadly over time it has gotten much worse and now, with the newest update, you can not even square images anymore.

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Free 150 images upon install. $0.05 per image or $19.99 per month for unlimited images

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