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  • Get set up within a few hours and achieve the fastest industry response time so customers aren’t left hanging
  • Simple flat fee of $2.25 per resolution - no contracts and no minimums!
  • Accelerate great answers to customer questions 24/7 and boost your conversion rates by providing fast answers

Your 24/7 U.S. Sales and Customer Support Team... On Demand

Outsourcing customer service to professionals is a big help to any merchant, no matter how many or few customers you have. My business is in launch phase. I used Simplr to handle site visitors my first weekend. Just knowing that part was taken care of allowed me to focus my attention on other matters. Nilesh was great when helping me get my end of the set up process done quickly. Everyone I spoke with was friendly and helpful. They delivered customer service. Highly recommended.

Simplr has really allowed our business to grow and respond to our customers in a timely, human response. Amazing team, that really takes the time to embrace our mission and vision. The Service has Really allowed us to focus our energy on boosting sales and marketing without having to be bogged down with customer request. Very quality responses in a rapid time.

Before talking with Vincent from Simplr, I was hesitant to outsource my customer support to a robot human hybrid. After talking to Vincent, I was convinced it was brilliant and worth a try. We were losing hours daily to tackling fulfillment-related support requests after having a flash-sale deal go viral when it was picked up by affiliate publishers. (I know, it was a good problem to have.) Simplr saved us from Customer Support Hell, gave us our time back, and turned out to be BETTER at customer support than we were because they were way faster than us. For the price, you can't beat it. Both cheaper and better than hiring a VA. It's a dream come true.

I was a bit anxious about letting the customer service for my store be provided by a 3rd party, but everything went well with Simplr. They understood my soap business, the types of questions we get and responded to my customers promptly, and with courtesy. BTW, love the dashboard! The customer insights were super helpful! Can't wait to see what the future holds :)

Thanks Simplr! You’re helping me and my team save a bunch of time and money. Plus, your specialists are awesome, so kind and friendly, our customers were happy.

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$2.25 per ticket resolution

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