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  • Get set up within a few hours and achieve the fastest industry response time so customers aren’t left hanging
  • Simple flat fee of $2.25 per resolution - no contracts and no minimums!
  • Accelerate great answers to customer questions 24/7 and boost your conversion rates by providing fast answers

Need customer service support? Get high-quality, affordable customer support scaled to the needs of e-commerce retailers.

Easy setup of the app. Do note that for Simplr to help with your customer service, you will need a helpdesk software or just a gmail inbox. It was an extra but simple step to do that hookup. As a new Shopify merchant, I can't wait to get my nights and weekends back. I was attracted by the pay-for-what-you-use model, 24 by 7 support and domestic U.S. agents. I will follow up with more feedback after I get through the free trial.